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Doctor’s Ultrasound

Is a full-service ultrasound imaging and diagnostic mobile services that helps you see your health in a new way. We specialize in OB-GYN, vascular, abdomen, and breast health. As professional sonographers with more than 20 years of experience, we are continually improving our methods to provide the best service possible.  We serve patients in Loxahatchee, Florida, and the surrounding area.

Simply put, we help you recognize abnormalities in your body so that you may take the necessary action to decrease or eliminate health risks. Our diagnostic methods are backed by the latest research. For your convenience, our ultrasound and echocardiogram services may be conducted at your location.

A Clear Picture of Your Health and Wellness


At Doctor’s Ultrasound, we believe that an informed patient is a successful patient. Our ultrasound center provides accurate diagnostic screenings that reveal your current health. Mobile services are available.


Our clinic is trained to address the unique needs of women and mothers of all ages. We are here to supplement your physical examination, or if you would like to monitor the health of your child.

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