About US

Dr. Oswald Ramos


Is a foreign medical doctor with and RDMS and BA degree in sonography, it is his ability to not only perform the scans but also understand exactly what the physician is asking that has helped set a new stage for developing DOCTORSULTRASOUND into a more efficient diagnostic ultrasound company.

We specialize in

OB-GYN and we perform TV or TA procedure if is needed. Also vascular, abdomen, thyroid and breast scans. As professional RDMS sonographers with more than 15 years of experience, we are continually improving our methods to provide the best service possible. We have served medical offices in the south Florida area for over 17 years, first as PK imaging since 2000 and more recently under a more improved and newly managed doctors ultrasound since 2015.

In our years of service

We average five thousand scans a year of which 80% are OB-GYN and 20% general. With the help of our board certified radiologists Dr Sanford Davis and Dr Eric Grimm we are able to provide a quick report of the exam to the physician as well as a detailed report within 36 hours All of our staff is supported by the best technology available, with a GE logic E ultrasound, a Voluson I and Voluson E machines we aim for the best and most accurate reliable image. All of our ultrasounds are 3D and 4D capable.


Our services

Also include online access to the reports managed by SCRIBE MED DOCTORSULTRASOUND which will allow your office to store reports up to 15 years and have the capability of reviewing, printing or saving reports at the ease of a mouse click. Reports have a turn around of 36 hours unless a STAT request is necessary. Images of the reports will also be available online.

Every office

Will have a personalized password to access all of this information. We at DOCTORSULTRASOUND want to make imaging and diagnosing as efficient as possible so that you, the medical doctor, can take care of your patient to the best of your abilities at the lowest cost possible. Thank you for your interest in our services.